Andrzej “Endrju” Goraj, born in 81 'supposedly the best. At an early age showed great interest in the world around me. The first trips to the nearest town, gave birth in my mind another question what is next? In the first years of primary school I learned what a map, thanks to a teacher who had to bring the lesson atlas, I remember that his first atlas borrowed from his aunt, he was much abused pages fall out and the corners were heavily twisted in subsequent years made his atlas. In subsequent classes, the school developed his interest geography in geography lessons, learned there many interesting information, for example, that the Earth is divided into zones of climate and vegetation zones, the information that as a graduate geography seem trivial to me now, but these were my beginnings with geography. When the end of the year at the academy teacher gives the best students books, my older brother got the book “Wonders of the World” which fell into my hands, I saw in it an extraordinary place on earth like the lost Temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and then I wanted there to travel.

In high school I continued my interest in geography, I remember my first evaluation for response to a geography lesson was 5 + for the reply. At the high school next to core subjects, as a matter of basic chose geography, I went perfectly, it was the one pointing to that object in the whole school. After graduating, I had no problem with the choice of what field of study I wanted to study. I tried seemed to Wroclaw and Kielce. In Wroclaw, I literally ran out of one point of the math test and this twist of fate ended up in Kielce where certificates accepted by the competition. Studying geography at the Academy of Świętokrzyskie were shot in the 10th From the perspective of study I think that Kielce is a great place to study this course because of there are the oldest in Europe Mountains, and many interesting tourist attractions located in the outskirts of the city – Kadzielnia, Wietrznia, Ślichowice, Karczówka, as well as area attractions Paradise Cave.

When in college we were divided into groups, I found it to group A in which to my surprise were two people who live near my hometown. As it turned out the whole year was very successful, made up of many outstanding individuals, the same individuals, able to integrate very well during the study :) During my studies I met many people, who were equally cool. Length of study itself shortened from five years to four, due to a possible trip to the research station of the Polish Academy of Sciences –  Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station, as a result, I studied your individual course of study in one year were among all the tests with 4 and 5 years. In addition, I studied economics in the other direction. Practically in one year I did three years of study (two in geography and  one economics). The study of economics was not so interesting as the geography, people have not the same, though there were some cool characters.

Studies in geography were interesting not only because of known people as well as teachers who were able to pass this knowledge and the subject of intrigue.
After defending his thesis on the geography and economy I decided to go to USA.
The term defense of the economy as a result of changing the date, I fell before the day of my departure to New York. As a newly minted economist next day I was in New York
Where working at height in the first Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn and then to the middle and upper Manhattan, doing outside work up to 42 floors high-rise buildings, work hard and dangerous walk was reasonably well paid, the views were front and in addition free. For hard-earned money so I decided to go to Southeast Asia in order to fulfill my childhood dream visiting Temples  of Angkor in Cambodia during this trip also visited Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. In the same year I was also in the Middle East, visiting Iran, which thanks to the people there who are very nice and had a nice big impression on me. In subsequent years I have visited India and China, Ukraine, and several times while enjoying a view of meadows of the Eastern Carpathians; Gorgany, Świdowca, Czornohora, I was also in Moldova and Transnistria. In subsequent years, in search of work went first into Galway in Ireland and eventually I came to London in England for a long time. After returning to Polish began doctoral studies at the direction of geography at University in Lublin, which stopped for lack of time.

The trip is also very important companions to whom I am very grateful to:
Bartek "Machoney" for infecting travel,
Magdalena, "Śliwka" for consequence in achieving the aim,
Anka "Migotka" for infecting a smile,
Wojtek "Kunek" for passion in discovering eastern climates,
Artur "Chartur" for creativity,
Zbyszek "Ziggy" for  perfect organization of expeditions,
Justyna "Frida" for amazing energy for life,
Adrian "Kokot" for intelligence and spirit of adventure.
…and thanks to many other travelers  who I met only via Internet :)